⚫ Are you ready to direct your environment?

⚫ Are you ready to create your best year yet?

⚫ What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

The power of visualization to focus attention, to clarify purpose, and create a roadmap through vision boarding is unparalleled. Head into the year with impact! Live the life you’ve imagined.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to level up in some aspect of your life
  • You have been dreaming of starting something new
  • ​You want to get laser focused on your goals
  • ​You need more calm and peace in your life
  • ​You’re an action-taker

Course Flow (2 hours):

⚫ Short Lecture
          ○ Vision board basics: why, what, how?
          ○ Science behind visualization

⚫ Short meditation to get your prepared for your vision board
⚫ Time to journal
⚫ Create your vision board
⚫ Short talk: Getting results once you’ve created your vision board
⚫ Closing meditation

What you need to bring:

  •  Journal and pen for the writing portion of the workshop
  • Photos, images that you want to put on your board
  • Open mind + a smile

Your investment towards a clearer focus on your future is only $111. We look forward to seeing you in class and creating a fantastic 2024 together!

Date: Saturday, January 13th at Zula Den
Time: 10am to 12:30pm
Limited Seating: 20 seats.

Your Investment Covers:
⚫ Admission to 2.5 hour Workshop
⚫ Guest gift
⚫ Complimentary 1:1 coaching session
⚫ Complimentary 1:1 hypnotherapy session
⚫ Total Value $1,000

About Your Facilitators: 

Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey, PsyD is an award-winning transformational coach, organizational psychologist, abstract artist, and author. She has worked with hundreds of aspiring leaders and their teams. The heart of her work beats at the intersection of leadership development, creativity, and wellness. Her top-rated podcast, Painting Your Path, is full of actionable strategies to help mid-life creatives start living life on their terms.

Through her various online events like From Employee to Creative Entrepreneur, From Cubicle to Creative Life, and The Creative Abundant Leadership Summit, Clarissa has helped thousands of aspiring and new creative entrepreneurs experience their own breakthroughs, helping them to design their next chapter outside corporate. She resides in sunny Southern California and can often be found shopping at Anthropologie or hiking a neighborhood trail.

Michelle Stene is a certified hypnotherapist who studied the Grace Method® and is a member of The International Board of Counsellors and Therapists.

She has helped her clients with varied issues like managing stress, building confidence and self love, releasing past trauma, fears, weight loss and support in quitting smoking.

Every session is special and unique and it fills her up with gratitude to be able to lead people through their own journey’s of healing and self reflection! It is so powerful to be a witness to this kind of work!

Make time for yourself and your future and share this with a friend!

Creating a vision board is a very powerful tool. You attract what you put out into the Universe!

Add to this powerful process the energy of the New Moon, which is on January 11th. The new moon energy is ideal for creating new beginnings and cycles. This New Moon is in Capricorn and is the perfect time to focus on the constructive traits of Capricorn: resourcefulness, wisdom, ambition and discipline. A time to focus on long term goals and the future. (cafeastrology.com)

Whether you know exactly what you want to call in for the new year or if you just have a spark of intuition or a glimmer of an idea, this workshop will help you gain clarity so you can formulate your divine plan and direction in 2024.